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If you are a tipster or want to become one. This is where you will be able to find all the answers to your questions.

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Bet With Confidence

SupaTipsters makes placing winning bets easier than ever before. With hundreds of tipsters, full, unmodified tip histories and a sophisticated verification system you can be sure all our tipsters know what makes a great bet.

Don’t want to leave it to chance? Then follow our verified tipsters and start winning big!

Stop Following Opinions

If we’re being honest, most tipsters only offer nothing more than their opinion. They tell you who they think will win. Thanks to SupaTipsters transparency you can be sure the tipsters you subscribe to aren’t just offering an opinion. They’re the ones who do the research and consistently offer the most accurate advice.

The Only Betting Site Built for You, the Bettor

SupaTipsters is the only tipster site built for you, the bettor. Nowhere else offers the transparency we do. From our verification process and unmodified Tipster’s histories to delivering tips to your smartphone so you’re never out of the loop, SupaTipsters is here to help you win big.

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